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Most Meteorologists Love to "Fear Cast." This Vermonter Prefers Accurate Forecasts

Hype Machine Says Vermont Snowstorm Sunday; Reality Could Still Be Very Different - is the headline of meteorologist Matt Sutkoski's recent post.

"You might have already heard the hype that we're supposedly finally getting a decent Vermont snowstorm this coming Sunday.   "The short answer is: It's possible, but don't bet on it," his blog, Matt's Weather Rapport continues.

From there, Sutkoski's story explains the numerous factors that will impact the actual accumulation of snow Vermont may see, and how most of them are difficult, if not impossible, to predict. This doesn't stop most TV and other media weather reporters from speculating and amplifying the worst possible outcome.

Meanwhile, on Sutkoski's X post, there is a breath of fresh, trustworthy air.

"Hype machine is touting Sunday #snow in #Vermont . Before you get too excited, we actually have no idea yet whether we'll see a storm."

Back at the blog, it says "Right now, the big question for us in Vermont is how far north the storm comes, and thus, how much snow will be available."

"The high pressure in Quebec could squash the storm southward, or the lack of any big weather systems in the Atlantic could allow the storm to scoot out to sea well to our south. 

On the other hand. If the storm is deeper than forecast, or if a weak storm near the Great Lakes is able to tug the main storm westward, then we get a decent snow.  The computer models can't yet tell us how this will play out.  Bottom line: Wait until at least Thursday to make your Vermont weather and snow plans for this weekend."

Our Bottom Line: It might be a good idea to take a look at the "Rapport" before wasting money over-buying bread and milk and skin cream for all that hand wringing.

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