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Act 250 Evangelists Don't Want You Reading This Report. You Should

On Monday, May 7, Compass Vermont released the results of a Pew Charitable Trust study that removes the fig leaf used by proponents of heavy regulations to reveal that these policies cost millions of dollars and delayed housing projects for years.

The bottom line? Act 250 and the people still defending the 54 year-old legislation have done far more damage to the Green Mountain State than the unproven good they claim.

The results of heavy regulation include:

  • Higher housing costs

  • Higher rental rates

  • Tripled homeless rates

  • Economic stagnation

  • Greater minority displacement

Compass Vermont's readers asked to see the actual presentation, hoping that inflexible lawmakers could no longer distance themselves from the consequences of their policies.

Click below to read the presentation deck.

Pew Research Presentation - Vermont Housing - April 2024pdf
Download PDF • 701KB

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6 days ago

I suppose all those effects had nothing to do with covid induced demand for ex urban housing and the explosion of the short term rental industry.

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