About Us

If you run off the road, a Vermonter will  stop and help in any way they can.    

Not everyone who lives in Vermont will act as such. Therein lies the definition.    

Compass Vermont is an independent publication founded by a native Vermonter with the mission to reflect the values of the Green Mountain State as defined by all of our core values.  

No matter the personal beliefs of each of us who is proud to say this state is our home, Vermont shares values missing in many other parts of the nation and the world that can be summed up in a simple description.    

Our team is dedicated to seeking meaningful news in all directions within the Vermont border, or when neighboring territory is impacting it.    

We focus on Vermont news as news is fully defined, including recent events, previously unknown information and things having a specified influence or effect.    

We are a 100% non-editorial publication. We avoid opinion pieces, letters to the editor, columns and endorsement of political candidates.    

We believe in providing the most accurate information possible and help each reader form her/his own opinion with trustworthy information in hand.    

Compass Vermont was founded by Thomas G Davis, a Vermont native and publisher, with the belief that this type of journalism is an important part of every community.    

Vermonters resonate with our long standing motto of “freedom and unity.”  Compass Vermont strives to gather and write news stories that do the same.     


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