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Welch: Netanyahu Rejects Our Policies But Takes Our Money

Vermont Senator Peter Welch delivered remarks from the Senate floor about the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza, and the need for the United States to stop accommodating Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government while he ignores U.S. policy demands.

Excerpts of his remarks are included below: 


“We must face the contradiction of what we are doing. We are airdropping food to famine-stricken Gaza today and supplying bombs for Israel to drop on devastated Gaza tomorrow. 


“How many times do we have to be repudiated by Prime Minister Netanyahu? On the use of indiscriminate force; On the recklessness of expanding West Bank settlements; On impeding the delivery of aid; On advocating an endless Israeli post conflict occupation of Gaza. 


“How long and how often will Prime Minister Netanyahu reject our policies but take our money before we say: Enough. 


“How many more than the 30,000 Palestinians already killed and the 70,000 wounded before we say to Prime Minister Netanyahu: Enough. 


“How many more homes and shops and schools and child-care centers and hospitals must be destroyed before we say to Prime Minister Netanyahu: Enough... 


“It has been said many times before: U.S. aid is not a blank check. When it comes to the Netanyahu government, it has, for many years and across Democratic and Republican administrations, been a blank check.  


“It’s long past time for the United States to stop supporting, by commission and omission, actions that are inconsistent with our principles and our policies and which make peace between Israelis and Palestinians ever more elusive, ever more difficult to achieve.” 


Senator Welch’s full remarks can be read here.  

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