(StatePoint) Attending a housewarming is a great way to celebrate a friend’s new home, but how do you find the perfect present to accompany the visit? These unique gift ideas are not only bound to make a statement, they’re incredibly useful to boot.

Fix-It Essentials:


For practicality at its absolute best, pack up some must-haves for the house. Include a hammer, screwdrivers and some Original Duck Tape brand duct tape to help your friends get all those initial DIY projects handled – and cover bases for any future projects and everyday fixes that may pop up.

Plant Some Love:


Flowers are always a great way to brighten a day, but why not offer something that can brighten a space for years to come and grow with the household? Bring over a gorgeous houseplant or orchid for a gift that lasts and makes your friends think of you every time they see it. Tie on a sweet note and a ribbon for a fun, personal touch.

Organization Must-Haves:


Create a welcome home gift that will prove useful for years to come. Put together a basket that includes all those essentials we sometimes forget, like high-quality hangers, drawer organizers, rubber bands and paper clips for paperwork. Include additional essentials, such as Duck Max Strength Nano-Grab Gel Tape for securing miscellaneous items, photos and temporary seasonal décor, along with EasyLiner Brand Shelf Liner with Clorox for upgraded home organization.

Stock the Bar:


Wine is fine, but why not equip your friends with what they need to entertain in the future? Bring over a favorite spirit, mixer and cocktail recipe book to keep the party going. Round out this gift with a cute set of rocks glasses or drink shaker.

Take a Photo:


In the age of digital photography, you can help make memories more permanent. Bring your newly relocated friends a large empty photo album and toss in a few disposable cameras or instant film camera to start capturing the fun right away. Kick off the entries by including a cute photo of yourself!

Gift giving at a housewarming doesn’t have to be stressful. By getting creative with a variety of useful items, you can help make a house a home while making a lasting impression on those you love.

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