How to Ensure Your Holiday Gifts Become Treasured Keepsakes

(StatePoint) We live in a time when digital communication dominates the way we relate to one another, with many people opting for the speed and convenience of texts and emails over the intention and beauty of handwritten cards, letters or keepsakes.

Even around the holidays, people tend to rely on e-cards, social media updates and other digital tools to do the heavy lifting of yuletide greetings. But it doesn’t have to be that way. By being intentional about it, we can share our sentiments in a way that is much more meaningful and long-lasting.

This season, write your holiday cards by hand, then get inspired by these holiday gift ideas, all of which tap into the pre-internet age to embrace the art of handwritten communication:

• Jazzed up Jewelry: A beautiful piece of jewelry will always be appreciated, but you can truly make the gift special, unique and 100% their own by having it engraved with a special someone’s signature. Whether you gift a watch, bracelet or necklace, adding a loved one’s John Hancock to the item will make a statement and give new meaning to the concept of a “signature accessory.”

• Deck out a Diary: Keeping a journal or diary is an act of self-care and a beautiful way to preserve one’s thoughts, memories, poetry, lyrics, artwork, doodles and more. Gift the tools needed to start and maintain this good-for-you habit. From heavy, serious leather-bound journals with a vintage vibe to compact floral notebooks that fit into a small bag, journals come in all styles, sizes and colors, so find one that will foster creativity in your loved one and consider inscribing its inside flap with a personal message or quote. Pair the journal with a smooth-writing, long-lasting gel ink pen, like the G2 from Pilot, which features black and blue archival-quality ink to ensure their written words stand the test of time and can be appreciated for generations to come.

• Memorialize a Meal: Do you have a special recipe that has been passed down from a loved one’s kitchen? Repurpose a treasured handwritten recipe and have it carved into a cutting board or imprinted on a tea towel. You’ll not only be gifting a useful item for the kitchen, but you’ll also be honoring a special dish, allowing a legacy to live on.

• Upgrade and Inspire: Make sure your loved one is ready for any writing task with the gift of a timeless, sophisticated writing tool. Pilot’s classic Vanishing Point fountain pen features a unique, retractable design and a rhodium plated 18K gold writing nib. Making a thoughtful present for any special occasion, the Vanishing Point comes in an elegant gift box and includes an ink cartridge and converter for easy refilling.

Celebrate the holidays by speaking from the heart, and let your season’s greetings and gifts become treasured, long-lasting heirlooms.