Go-To Baby Shower Gift Ideas

(StatePoint) Looking for the perfect baby shower gift? A few go-to ideas can make welcoming little ones into the world a breeze. Here are some creative ones to consider:

• Cute, Cuddly and Customizable: Making perfect friends for little ones, My Pal Scout and My Pal Violet Smarty Paws from LeapFrog are no ordinary stuffed animals. Their touch-sensitive front paws feature sensors that activate silly reactions, music, games and mindfulness exercises to introduce cause and effect, and touching their ears plays more than 40 songs, lullabies, melodies, games and activities. Best of all, this is a gift that can be personalized for a new baby by programming Scout and Violet with the child’s name, favorite foods, colors and animals. Introducing children to first words, counting, and feelings and emotions, they’ll even teach a child how to spell their own name. With a nighttime mode that soothes little ones to sleep with lullabies, this thoughtful gift helps to promote restful nights for parents and babies alike.

• Memories, milestones and mementos: For parents who are crafty, sentimental or who love preserving family history in a tangible way, consider a scrapbooking kit designed to document a baby’s first year. From first words to first solid foods, parents will be able to memorialize every milestone creatively. And with so many designs available, you’re sure to find one in a style your recipients will love.

• Easy clean-up and travel: New parents will have their hands full, so anything to make clean-up easier will be appreciated. Play&Go toy storage bags are durable drawstring playmats that make it easy to transport toys and tidy up. Available in a range of colors and styles, they make a great addition to nurseries and playrooms.

• Practical and prepared: As many parents soon discover, it’s never too early to start a college savings fund. Ask the parents-to-be if they plan to open a 529 plan for their future scholar. These plans grow tax-free, and withdrawals used for qualified educational expenses are also untaxed, making this a smart, practical and meaningful way to celebrate a newborn.

Coming up with unique gift ideas for every occasion can be challenging. But having a few ready to go items that are cute, thoughtful and customizable to the recipient will make preparing for each baby shower simple.