From the Chittenden County's Sheriff's Office:

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On Friday December 2, 2022 we had a person come into the Sheriff’s Office as well as multiple phone calls in regards to money being owed for a missed Jury duty.

This caller is reported to have a southern accent. They callers are instructing people to obtain cash. Currently we have not been notified of anyone falling victim.

Likely the caller would proceed to request payment via gift cards. The individuals report that they are using real and fictitious deputy names and warning that should the individual report or call us directly then they will immediately be arrested. It was also reported that they

are using real Judges names when threatening arrest warrants issued.

THIS IS A SCAM!!! Please hang up the phone and do not provide any personal information such as date of birth, social security numbers or credit card information. The Sheriff’s Office never clears arrest warrants or court cases by asking for money.

You can report any of these incidents to the Attorney General’s Office directly at 800-649-2424 or 802-656-3183. Please contact the Chittenden County Sheriff’s Office at 802-

863-4341 if you ever have any questions.