The creative juices were flowing last year with brilliant snow plow names created by Vermont schools students coming down faster than a nor'easter.  And now it is time to do it again.

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The Vermont Agency of Transportation (AOT) is once again inviting Vermont schools to name the State’s big orange snowplows.

Last year, participating public and private schools, homeschooling students, and nursery schools named 163 of the State’s fleet of full-sized plow trucks.

This year, AOT is asking Vermont’s students to name the remaining 87 trucks in the fleet. “This program was a great success last year, and now we’re asking students across the state to name the rest of the plow trucks,” said Transportation Secretary Joe Flynn.

“Naming the plows is exciting and fun for students and for us, and it’s also an effective way to teach young people about the important work we do to keep the roads safe for travel throughout the winter.” To enter the Name a Plow program, the school’s principal

or director should complete the online form on the AOT website at

• Each school may submit only one name. This is not a contest; every school that submits a name will participate. (First come, first served to name the remaining trucks.)

• Schools that participated last year may not submit another name. The trucks that they named last year will keep the same names this year.

• The principal/director should review the name to ensure that it is appropriate and not already in use. The list of 2021 plow names is on the AOT website

• Each school’s plow name will be assigned to a plow truck at a Maintenance District garage. The sign on the truck will include the plow name and the school that named it.

• The deadline to submit a name is November 9, 2022. AOT Maintenance District plow operators will visit the schools that name a truck this year on Thursday, November 17, at 9:00 a.m. to celebrate the second annual Vermont Plow Day. Schools are invited to take photos of their students and staff with the plow truck and name sign.