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In a few days, NorthStar Group Services will reach an important milestone when they put the final pieces of high-level radioactive waste into Cannisters.

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The company has been decommissioning Vermont Yankee for almost four years and it's finally time to take care these dangerous materials that are now stored in one place."

"It means we can finish this phase pretty quickly," Scott State CEO with NSG LLC., told Vermont Public "There could even be some news by next year on how long until cleanup actually starts."

Vermont Yankee was a renowned electricity generating nuclear power plant, located in the town of Vernon.

The facility generated 620 MWe at full capacity and operated from 1972 until 2014 when it closed due to an official decision by Entergy that called for its offline after operating continuously throughout most if not all these years without any major accidents or malfunctions .

In 2008 alone , this one single installation accounted for 35% outwards consumption within Vermont itself.