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It’s something you didn’t know you needed to see until you do: a tiny hedgehog wearing a tiny hat.

The cute sight is made even cuter by the type of hat. It’s a hand-felted wool wizard sorting hat that would be instantly familiar to any Harry Potter fans. 

A photo of a hedgehog wearing a sorting hat is just one of many photos you might see on Cheyenne Ellis’ Instagram page, which is flooded with photos of her beloved “hedgies.”

She and her husband have 11 of the little creatures, which each have Harry Potter-themed names like Hagrid or Mad-Eye Moody.

Ellis has launched a breeding program she says positions her as “a leader in hedgehog genetics.”

In her research, Ellis found that the exotic animals are often irresponsibly bred, leading to diseases or something called Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome, which can be fatal.

Growing up on a farm in Vermont, Ellis and her family raised and bred horses. That’s where her love for animals began, partly because the people in her life didn’t show the same love.

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