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Three women were hiking on the Long Trail in the Killington area over the Labor Day weekend when they encountered a man whose words and actions were highly threatening and dangerous.

Readers are encouraged to reach out to local law enforcement if they have any additional information about this man.

The hiker, who requested her name not be included, posted the following story of caution and warning.


This past weekend, my friends and I were staying in Pico Shelter for the night. At around 7, a tall man, long blonde hair and small beard, showed up to the shelter with just a small pack- he went by the trail name of Salt.

He said he just wanted to warm up his food before going to the Cooper Lodge Shelter, we however did not bring our jetboil system that night, but he did not leave.

He continued to talk to us for hours- telling us he was the lead singer of Metallica, that he professed his love to a pro snowboarder and now she’s divorcing her husband to be with him, that he wrote two new movies on Hulu, and had wrote many popular songs for artists like Taylor Swift… many delusions. He would become angry and say he needed to listen to his music to calm down (the whole time he was there he was playing music very loudly).

The situation turned from odd to scary when he began to make physical contact with me. He began to give me a massage without asking to touch me and ended in him straddling me from behind before we were able to move outside in hopes of getting space from him.

He followed us out and continued to put his hand on my lower back while my friends and I were looking at the stars outside, he kept saying he was in love with me, and when we said we were going to bed, he asked “who was going to cuddle him”.

The situation was so uncomfortable that my friends and I all slept on the same platform, unsure of what he would do in the night. He continued to sing and yell all night- in early morning he yelled “it’s 3am, the sun is up, and there’s three feet of powder on the ground!” No one got a good nights sleep, whenever we woke up we were scared to move, scared for him to know we were awake.

We almost didn’t stay the night at the shelter just to get away before it became bad but were too scared of it making him angry and violent.

Thankfully, it wasn’t any worse than it was. Be careful around the Killington area, especially if you are alone- he mentioned being around often.

This has been posted on All Trails, Guthook, Women of the LT, emailed to the GMC, and a police report will be made.