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TUCSON - They are strangers to each other. They come from across the country, Arkansas, Washington, California.

But Monday, 137 passengers on an Amtrak train from Los Angeles to New Orleans were united in a shared experience none ever imagined.

"All of a sudden I heard a sound and it was a gunshot and I stood up and looked out the window and saw a K9 officer taking cover behind like a little, metal electrical box with his dog," said Dean Kirby."

Then I heard someone shout from the door inside the coach, they're shooting again! And that's when everybody started running towards the front of the train. " Kirby and his wife are from Vermont. They had wanted to see America by train.

Kirby said there were three elderly ladies in his car. The former combat veteran said he recognized the sound of gunfire immediately and got everyone to the floor.

Miraculously, none of the 137 passengers, or crew members, were injured in Monday's shoot out. They spent eight hours near the scene, being interviewed by authorities.  Many are still wearing the same clothes from yesterday, as their luggage was still on the train.

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