The Vermont Cannabis Control Board has issued licenses to three businesses that will allow them to open weed shops in the coming weeks.

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In unanimous votes, the board approved retail licenses for Mountain Girl Cannabis in Rutland and FLŌRA Cannabis in Middlebury. Cannabis Control Board members also awarded an integrated license to Ceres Collaborative, an affiliate of the largest medical dispensary in the state.

This marks the first time that retail sales of cannabis have been approved in Vermont. The businesses are expected to open their doors to customers in the coming weeks 

Cannabis sales have been steadily growing in Vermont since the state legalized possession and cultivation of the drug in 2018. With the approval of these three licenses, Vermont is poised to become one of the first states in the Northeast to allow retail sales of cannabis. This could set a precedent for other states in the region to follow suit.

With these licenses, Vermont is on track to becoming a leader in the Northeast cannabis market. Stay tuned for more updates as these businesses prepare to open their doors to customers.