From Seven Days.

Gov. Phil Scott's administration has proposed a new statewide COVID-19 testing strategy to deal with cases that are forcing hundreds of asymptomatic students into lengthy quarantines. School officials say they are too overburdened to roll it out.

Last week, Education Secretary Dan French detailed a "Test to Stay" program that would use daily rapid antigen tests to keep unvaccinated kids in school safely, even after a possible exposure to the virus. He also proposed that other testing be made widely available through schools.

But district leaders say they're already short-staffed and simply not prepared to implement the multipronged approach on their own.

"I think, without outside support in terms of staffing, I'm not optimistic about the success," said Brooke Olsen-Farrell, superintendent of Slate Valley Unified School District in Rutland County. She called the new testing program "a really daunting undertaking."

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