If you're looking to pick up a rotisserie chicken on your next grocery run, be sure to grab it last. According to an article from Tasting Table, there is a food safety "danger zone" that can occur when purchasing a pre-cooked chicken.

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If the bird's temperature falls below 140 degrees Fahrenheit, bacteria can start to grow. To avoid this, make sure the rotisserie chicken is the last item you put in your basket so it stays hot. Most stores will have labels on their chickens that indicate when they were taken off the rotisserie. By following these simple tips, you can help ensure a delicious and safe meal for you and your family.

You also want to make sure you choose the hotter onesThese chickens have been receiving the most heat. Once you buy the chicken, you don't want to leave it out for too long, so it should be consumed or refrigerated within two hours (one hour if it's a hot day).

"The Rachael Ray Show" website notes that if you want a juicy chicken you should pick the heaviest one as its juices haven't evaporated yet. According to Today, when you do prepare to eat, if the meat looks white, it's a sign the chicken was cooked fully, but pink areas could be undercooked. 

A rotisserie chicken from the grocery store can be a great time saver that's delicious and affordable. Odds are it'll be tender and flavorful, and they often ring in under $10. Just make sure it's hot enough.