This vehicle is similar to the type driven by the hit-and-run driver.  It is a black Tiguan and is missing the passenger side mirror.  

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Northfield Police are seeking information about a hit and run on November 22 on Vermont Route 12 in Northfield.

Guy Martin, owner of North Main Service, Inc., a garage and towing company, was loading a vehicle onto his flatbed wrecker when he was struck by a car described as a 2009-2015 black Volkswagon Tiguan. The vehicle was missing the passenger side mirror and did not stop after hitting Martin.

Martin and his family have owned North Main Service since 1977 and is well known around the community for his many acts of kindness, contributions to charity, and willingness to help people in a bind.

Northfield residents expressed their shock and upset on social media that the driver did not stop, prompting Kaylan Sweet, the owner of O'Maddie's Deli and Cafe in Northfield, to post a video about the incident. In the video, Sweet called Martin "one of the kindest, most amazing people you have ever met."

Unconfirmed sources say Martin was transported to the University of Vermont Medical Center, where he is being treated for a broken arm, broken ribs, and internal issues, and is in ICU.

Sweet's video ended with a call to action.

"The entire community is looking for the car - we're gonna find ya. Look out for the vehicle that the Northfield Police Department is on the lookout for so we can figure out who hit our town, big heart guy, and get some justice for him."

NPD is investigating a hit-and-run motor vehicle incident.

Anyone with information about the car or driver is asked to contact the Northfield Police Department at 802-485-9181.