AIRCRAFT: 1967 Piper Cherokee Arrow

PILOT: Anthony J. LaFranco, Age 40

Saratoga Springs, NY

Members of the Bennington Police Department, Bennington Rural Fire Department and Bennington Rescue Squad responded to the William H. Morse State Airport in Bennington for a report of an aircraft crash off of the runway.

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Upon arrival, the pilot had self-extricated and was located outside of the aircraft bleeding profusely from a significant head injury. The aircraft was located in a horse paddock in a position of uncontrolled rest just north of the airport runway.

Officers on scene briefly spoke with LaFranco concerning the crash.


LaFranco reported the aircraft suffered engine failure near the airport and he attempted to land the aircraft on the runway. LaFranco advised he was unable to maintain a proper landing speed and fell below stall speed causing the

aircraft to impact the perimeter fence.

LifeNet responded to the scene and transported the LaFranco to Albany Medical Center. The National Transportation Safety Board was contacted concerning the aircraft crash. After reviewing information from Officers and reviewing digital images of the crash, authorization to remove the aircraft to the airport was received.

Bennington Police collaborated with staff from the William H. Morse State Airport late into the evening in order to remove of the aircraft.

The crash remains under investigation and we will continue working alongside the National Transportation Safety Board. Anyone that may have witnessed this incident is asked to contact the Bennington Police Department at 802-442-1030 or