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From Waterbury Roundabout

Rolling hills peppered with fall foliage, flannel-clad frolickers in a pumpkin patch, and the quintessential maple creemee: these are a few of the crucial elements of a Vermont autumn that "Soulmates," a feature film directed by Timothy Armstrong, captures. But unlike its Hallmark predecessors, this movie was actually filmed within the Green Mountain state. 

Set to premiere Nov. 12 in select theaters and on video on demand services, "Soulmates" is about two best friends whose quaint Vermont livelihood is threatened by the imposition of a love-interest and a corporation that spells out doom for the local maple syrup industry.

The film was shot back in October 2018 at various locations in the region, including Zenbarn in Waterbury, Sleepy Hollow Inn in Huntington, the Jericho Center Country Store, and Palmer’s Sugarhouse in Shelburne. The movie trailerhas glimpses of Lake Champlain and downtown Stowe, and Vermont’s own Rusty DeWees is in the cast. 

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