A strong contender for the quote of the week comes from Vermont Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Christopher Herrick. 

“Managing Vermont’s wildlife for a public with diverse values is a challenge and a privilege.” 

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GROTON, Vt. – Groton resident Liza Nanni, 61, will appear in court to answer for three criminal charges following the investigation of an incident of hunter harassment.

Members of the Vermont Warden Service responded to a call from Newbury resident Ellsworth Spear, 61, on Sunday, July 10.  Mr. Spear alleged that he, another adult hunter, and a minor were stopped by Ms. Nanni while driving on Red Brook Road in Groton with hunting dogs secured in their truck during Vermont’s June 1–September 15 bear hound training season.

Mr. Spear alleged that Ms. Nanni blocked the road, instigated an altercation, and used bear spray on him and his companions.  Mr. Spear and companions retreated from the scene and called Vermont State Police Dispatch after returning to cell service. 

Wardens interviewed the victims on July 10 and Ms. Nanni on July 12.  Wardens also reviewed videos recorded by both parties during and immediately after the incident.

Ms. Nanni was cited for violations of Title 10 V.S.A. §4708, Interfering with a Hunter, Title 13 V.S.A. §1023b Simple Assault, and Title 13 V.S.A. §1026a Disorderly Conduct.  Ms. Nanni’s arraignment date has been set for September 26 in Caledonia Superior Court.

“Managing Vermont’s wildlife for a public with diverse values is a challenge and a privilege,” said Vermont Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Christopher Herrick.  “I support all Vermonters with their shared passion for wildlife.   No matter how different our practices or approaches may be, we all must remain civil and respectful as we enjoy the outdoors.   I strongly condemn the criminal behavior that occurred in Groton.”

“Vermonters don’t always agree on wildlife management, especially when it comes to big game,” said Colonel Jason Batchelder, Fish and Wildlife’s Chief Game Warden.  “Even so, I ask all Vermonters to respect one another’s constitutional right to hunt.  Intentionally interfering with legal hunters in any fashion will result in court action.”