RICHFORD - The Richford Falcons secured a 5-1 win over the Craftsbury Chargers on Monday, Oct. 3, with the help of a 12th player on offense: Sylvester the Black Cat.

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Deploying a 13th Century tactic taken directly from the playbook known then as the Vox, the Richford coach was rumored to be heard yelling out "Sylvester!"  

Then, in the final minutes of the game, a black cat pawed its way up to the Craftsbury goalie and settled at the keeper's feet. 

A referee didn't blow the whistle or assess a penalty because, he reportedly muttered, "I'm not crossing a black cat - it's almost Halloween!"

The game and final score will stand as played due to superstition while Sylvester was awarded the game's most valuable player. 

Editor's note:  Sylvester and the final score have both been checked for accuracy.  Reporters are still checking other information in this report.