A young Maine couple is pitching another benefit of our favorite thing to eat on a roll with butter: They say a protein in lobsters' circulatory fluid, which is usually washed down the drain, can help ease skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

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The protein, hemocyanin, is a key ingredient in the skin cream that Patrick Breeding, 27, and Amber Boutiette, 29, distribute from a bare-bones, former steel factory on the outskirts of Portland.

Breeding said the protein helps lobsters fight off diseases, boosts their immune system, and plays an important role in regenerating their claws and other limbs.

Their business, Marin Skincare, has earned $1.1 million in revenue in less than two years, they said. It’s among the latest ventures to emerge from a scrappy, Maine startup culture that prizes innovation, sustainability, and less waste.

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