Cabot Creamery is now milking the ski industry with "Cheese Sticks," which are skis made by the Meier company wrapped in Cabot's well known plaid graphic cheddar packaging.

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Cabot says: "Whether a fun holiday gift or just to make a statement on the slopes," the legendary Vermont dairy cooperative appears to marketing to the "money to melt" population, which makes one wonder why they aren't called New York Cheddar Skis.  

Cabot says the skis are "lightweight and quick-turning, these farmer-approved beauties are handmade in the USA."

Compass Vermont is a little curious about how many real farmers approved these boards.  

We are also waiting for brand extensions that address the slope conditions with Mild, Sharp, Extra Sharp and Seriously Sharp versions of the novelty item. 

At the same time, Cabot has teamed up with Burton to produce the Butter Board snowboard. 


But, we'll wait until the spring thaw to see how well these hold up.

Plus - does anyone out there really like hard butter?