•Vermont lawmakers gave final approval to a rule requiring auto manufacturers to supply more electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids to Vermont dealerships, adopting California's Advanced Clean Cars Two and Advanced Clean Trucks rules.

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• Starting in 2026, a growing portion of new cars sold on dealership lots will have to be electric, with the requirement that every new car sold or registered in the state be at least partly electric by 2035.

• Rules for trucks are similar but with a much longer timeline, and without phasing out combustion engines entirely.

• Rep. Mark Higley was the only vote against the rule, citing affordability concerns for his constituents.

• Owning an electric vehicle saves people money over time, but they can cost more up front. Vermont is now the 18th state to adopt these rules which are stricter than what EPA requires—a key recommendation in Vermont's Climate Action Plan that will grow its used EV market..