Berlin Vermont Police Officer Victor Hinojosa and Megg Guyette

Berlin police officer Victor Hinojosa was on patrol duty on Easter Sunday.

In his police car's back, the passengers were about a dozen Easter baskets, put together by Megg Guyette. Hinojosa's assignment was to hand them out to anyone he felt might appreciate them.

Guyette provides them to the Berlin Police Department for free as a way of giving thanks for the generosity from Sergeant Bassette from the department showed her when she was homeless and hurting.

While on patrol, Hinojosa got a call from the Northfield Police Department asking him to assist in the investigation of a sudden death that took place on Easter day.

When Hinojosa arrived at the home, the Northfield police officers informed him that an elderly woman had died at the family's Easter gathering.

There was nothing suspicious, and all indications were that she passed away from natural causes. Also at home were five young children.

Before leaving the scene, Hinojosa asked the family if he could give each child an Easter basket, and the appreciative family accepted.

Sergeant Bassette said in a social media posting, "It was a tough day for their whole family, and we felt their pain, and let them know we are here if they need us for anything."

"Even though the baskets filled with chocolate, kids toys, color books, and other items won't fill the void left from the passing of a live one, we hope it will make it so the loss in the family won't be the only thing they remember during future Easters."

Office Hinojosa returned to his patrol, heading north down Vermont Route 12. He passed a new house on the road where the people outside waved to him. There were two young girls outside. After getting their parents' permission, Hinojosa gave each of the girls a basket. They were thrilled.

Continuing on his route, he made a traffic stop. It was a father and son in the car. As Hinojosa approached the vehicle, he could see the dad fumbling to get his license and registration ready.

Instead of asking the driver for the documents, he asked them if they would each like an Easter basket.

"You should have seen the look on his face," laughed Hinojosa.

The Berlin Police Department has a habit of doing good things for the community.

Sergeant Bassette ended his social media post by saying,

"Happy Easter

Stay safe

Be good to each other"