Cans of Liquid Death and no-alcohol Athletic beer. ANGELA OWENS/THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on a blowout at the New Orleans House of Blues where partiers were mostly drinking tallboy cans of Liquid Death.   

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Despite the frightening name, "the cans, covered with a skull-and-crossbones logo, are filled with water from the Swiss Alps."

"At a glance, few would guess they carry no alcohol. That is the point, said Liquid Death founder Mike Cessario, 40 years old, of Los Angeles. "We're using packaging and brand psychology to make something healthier, not feel like it's healthy," he said.

"The beverages cater to partygoers who seek the conviviality of social events without drinking alcohol, either for health reasons or to avoid risking hangovers, regretful behavior or flashing red lights on the drive home." 

"Many prefer to disguise their teetotal beverages and avoid the nosy why-aren't-you-drinking? interrogators, "the Journal reports.

All of which get the Compass Vermont team brainstorming potential names of water beers made by Vermont brewers.  

Here are our top three:

  1. Wetty Topper
  2. Lil Sip of Swimming Hole  
  3. Puddlehead

Send your label ideas to [email protected].