Scott Kern from Good Measure Brewing talks on a video while standing in the Cornerstone Burger Company on East Street in Northfield, Vermont. 

Scott Kerner from Good Measure Brewing Company announced today via a social media video that the brewer has purchased the Cornerstone Burger Company.

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"Northfield is such a great town," Kerner says as he walks from the Good Measure to the Cornerstone while being filmed. He then steps through the restaurant's front door, turns, and adds, "We've decided to reinvest in the town."

Standing inside the Cornerstone, Kern continued.

"We are pleased to announce that we've purchased the Cornerstone Burger Company business from Rich McSheffrey."

Kerner said they were very excited to "cut a hole in the front of their building to allow more people to have access to both sides," meaning the brewery and the restaurant.

Kerner added that more information would be provided soon but wanted to express his commitment to the town.

"Just know here in Northfield, we are deeply committed to making this the greatest town on earth."

A message type on the post reinformed the message in the video:

"Here we go!! Thanks to everyone who's helped us get here. We can't wait to show you our vision for East Street here in beautiful Northfield, Vermont!"

Editors note:  The original version of this article referenced Mr. Kerner as "Kern."  This has been corrected.