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Sam Adams has announced the unveiling of this year's Utopias, and this variety of beers will contain an alcohol content of 28%.  

According to USA Today, Often compared to a complex port or Cognac – and sipped from a snifter at room temperature – Sam Adams Utopias is described as an "extreme" beer by the brewery. Some of the liquid has been aged nearly three decades in wooden bourbon casks, the brewery says.

"After multiple batches are blended, they are aged in a total of 86 different barrels that previously held Madeira, port, and sherry. For the first time, this year's Utopias had some of the blend aged in Sauternes French oak wine casks, which the brewery says adds "subtle notes of honeyed apricot and caramel."

Sam Adams says that the Utopias will be available in some beer specialty shops, but the production is limited, and the price is $240 per bottle, a mere $8.57 per ounce of alcohol.

Utopias are also not sold in Vermont, New Hampshire, or 13 other states, which limit the alcoholic content of beer to 11.5%. In addition, Sam Adams admits it doesn't really take much like beer.